Heritage Hills Design Review Committee

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Design Review Committee (D.R.C.)

Per Section 2.20 of the Covenants, any exterior improvements must be submitted to the Design Review Committee for approval. 'Improvements" include, but are not limited to, buildings, pools, tennis courts, patios, patio covers, awnings, painting of any exterior surfaces, window work, additions, concrete/brick work, outdoor sculptures or artwork, fences, retaining walls, stairs, decks, dog runs and dog houses, recreational equipment and play sets, landscaping, light poles, and flag poles.

Any change in the elevation of yard areas or alteration of drainage patterns requires DRC approval. Design Review Request must specifically state that such changes are being requested in the review.

Submission Requirements:

Design Review Request Form (pages 1 & 2) and Attachments should be submitted to the DRC by emailing them as one (1) PDF document or the DRC should be contacted in order to make other submission arrangements.

Options: If necessary and clearly labeled, an Attachment may be emailed as a separate PDF. If photos are included, they should be inserted into a document and appropriately labeled and submitted as a PDF.

If Forms and Attachments are not legible or clearly labeled, they will be returned for resubmission.

Design Review Committee email: hhdesignreview@gmail.com

Homeowners will be notified of the Committee's decisions in writing. Questions for the committee may be directed to hhdesignreview@gmail.com

There are 2 Committees that review designs depending on the age of the home:

  • Design Review Committee New Homes
  • Design Review Committee Existing Homes

Design Review Committee Existing Homes

Committee members:
Sean Hudleson - Architect 
Brett Smith - Heritage Hills Homeowner 
Jennifer Vanier - Heritage Hills Homeowner 
Jenna Willen - Heritage Hills Homeowner
Ken Kwiecien - Heritage Hills Board member and Homeowner


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