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For people living in Lone Tree, it’s not uncommon to encounter coyotes. For that reason, the City of Lone Tree has adopted a Coyote Management Plan which includes a system of tracking coyote sightings and contacts through an online incident reporting system. The Management Plan uses education and hazing to assist in promoting a safe environment for both residents and coyotes. It also outlines the necessary level of response performed by managing agencies when interactions occur.

In an effort to reduce conflicts with coyotes, we are asking the public to educate themselves on what to do if you see a coyote. With an active and educated community, we can help instill in the animal a general fear of people. To assist you, the Lone Tree Police Department has obtained some educational material on coyotes and paired it with a loud whistle. It is our hope that after you read the coyote brochure, you will fasten the whistle to your pets leash or your wrist before leaving the house. Then, if you happen to see a coyote on your outing, you can use the whistle, as well as other techniques listed in the brochure, to scare or haze the coyote. It is our hope that when coyotes are presented with this negative reaction (hazing or scaring them away) each time they have a casual encounter with people, this will help teach them to avoid us.

You can pick up your free educational material and whistle at the police department or from our animal control officer, Dennis Page. We will also have a limited amount available at some of the City sponsored events throughout the summer, while supplies last.

Coyotes are very adaptive animals and have existed in this community for a long time, long before the City of Lone Tree even existed. While many people see them as a nuisance, we see them as a vital part of our ecosystem. Without an adequate coyote population, our rodent and rabbit population would remain unchecked. Coyotes actually help keep these populations down, which helps control the spread of diseases. We just need to teach them what they can eat and what they should not.

While coyotes do not feed on household pets, as a general rule, they will if they think they have an opportunity for an easy meal. Coyotes do not have a neighborhood grocery store to pick up food for their family and must rely on what they can hunt and catch. So, if you present your pet as an easy meal, a coyote might want to test you and your pet to see how difficult it might be. T

The Police Department encourages residents to use the online incident reporting system found at http://www.cityoflonetree.com/cms/one.aspx?portalId=745982&pageId=1867009 or to call 720-509-1399 to report any coyote sighting.

The following are things you can do if you spot a coyote in your neighborhood, near your home or out on our trails:

  • Frighten coyotes with loud noises
  • Throw rocks or sticks at the animal
  • Keep garbage in a tightly sealed container
  • In your yard, remove pet food, fallen fruit and spilled seed beneath birdfeeders
  • Use yard lights or motion detectors to frighten them away
  • Keep pets in fenced areas or covered kennels
  • Stay with your pets and small children while outdoors
  • Do not allow pets to run loose; keep them on a leash
  • Do not run from coyotes: Stand your ground and make yourself look big by waving your arms and yelling at them. Teach children to do the same
  • Do not intentionally feed coyotes or let your pets play with them

Residents are reminded to not make any attempt to approach, capture or feed coyotes as they are wild animals and may become aggressive if they feel threatened. Feeding coyotes is prohibited by Colorado State Statute and Lone Tree’s City Ordinance. Please notify the Lone Tree Police Department if you observe coyotes close to homes or people.

For additional information on coyotes, visit the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website: http://cpw.state.co.us/Documents/

Coyote Home Audit Checklist 57k pdf

How to Haze for effective reshaping of coyote behavior. 72k pdf



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