Heritage Hills operates under two organizations. 

Homeowners Association (HOA)

The HOA handles covenant enforcement, design reviews (external changes to homeowner's property) and community events. The HOA does not operate and/or maintain any property in Heritage Hills. 

HOA dues are billed in December and collected annually in January. All Heritage Hills Homeowners are members of the HOA.

The HOA is a non-profit corporation. 

Metropolitan District (District)

The District was established for the purpose of providing, operating and maintaining facilities including public street improvements, storm sewer facilities and park and recreation facilities. These services include maintaining all common areas and Heritage Hills streets. 

The District is funded through real estate taxes.

The District is a special district. Special Districts in Colorado are local governments, i.e., political subdivisions of the state, which make up a third level of government in the United States. (The federal and state governments are the other two levels.)

Boards and Management

The HOA and the District each have their own Board of Directors and their own management company. 

The Board members on both of the Boards are all Heritage Hills homeowners. 

Board meeting dates and times can be found on the calendar