The Design Review Process

• In general, all changes made to the exterior of a home, any accessory or other item on the lot (e.g., hot tub, play structure), or change made to the lot, requires a Design Review Request (DRR), completed by the homeowner.
• The homeowner may complete an electronic DRR, which is preferred and will simplify the creation of the submission, or a paper version of the DRR.
• The Design Review Committee (DRC) may take up to 30 days to review a DRR but strives to review them more quickly. The DRR will not be reviewed until all requested information is received.
No work should begin until the DRC provides the homeowner with written approval. The project should be completed in accordance with the approved plan and in the timeframe specified in the approved plan.
Upon completion of the project, the homeowner must inform HOA Management. The HOA Management Company and/or the DRC may perform a review of the completed work to confirm that it matches the approved plan.
• To learn more about the Design Review Process CLICK HERE 

Completing the a DRR
Completing a DRR can be done in five easy steps:

1. Confirm whether you need to create a DRR.
     CLICK HERE for a list of improvements requiring DRC approval.
     CLICK HERE for exceptions.

2. Check the Design Standards for the work you are proposing.
     CLICK HERE to review the Design Standards.

3. Check what documents you need to submit with your DRR.
     CLICK HERE to review the supporting documents for each improvement. This information is also provided in the electronic DRR.

4. Confirm the information you need to include in each document.
     CLICK HERE to review the content expected in each document.

5. Create the DRR.
to create an electronic DRR. Link opens in a new tab
     Contact HOA management for a paper copy of the DRR if you cannot complete an electronic DRR.   

Ask for help. CLICK HERE to send an email to the DRC.

Read the Design Review Process and Standards Document