Design Review Process

Any improvement to the exterior of your home or to your property requires Design Review Committee (DRC) approval before the project is started.

The Heritage Hills Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions establishes both the DRC and the requirement for improvements of property to first be approved by the DRC. 

The fastest and most efficient way to submit your improvement for review is to use the online Design Review Request (DRR) form. When using the online form, please only use the numeric portion of your address on the initial screen. If you cannot use the online form, please contact HOA management or the DRC to request a paper form. Please note that the processing of your DRR may take up to 30 days so please plan accordingly.

For many improvements, it is necessary to provide samples or plans in order for the DRC to review your request. If your samples are in electronic form such as brochures, color samples, etc., they can be attached to the electronic form in the Project Documents box or be sent by emailing them to the DRC at [email protected]
Some of the items/pictures to include are:
Paint chips, sample building materials, building and landscape plans, fence layout, plans or brochures for proposed structures, etc.
In general, include anything that you think will help the DRC with its evaluation of your improvement.

Once the DRR form and any necessary samples or plans are received, the DRC will review your improvement. If additional information is needed, the DRC will place your request on hold and contact you for that information and may request to meet with you, should more detailed discussion be necessary.
The 30-day time clock will not restart until the committee has all the information necessary to make an informed decision on your request.

You will receive notice of the DRC decision via email within thirty (30) days, after all necessary forms/samples/plans have been provided. If time is an issue, the DRC may notify you by phone.

Design Review Request Form
 (only use the numeric portion of your address to start the online form)
Contact the Design Review Committee
Contact HOA management